Monday, November 25, 2013

MORE Mini's!

Kim B. uploaded her MINI challenge over at the flickr site!  

I have some prizes, that I will give out after Dec. 1st.. I'll see about someone to pick some winners...(1st, 2nd, and a few extra prizes) so either upload your image to FLickr, or to this site, or email me your image so I can upload it...


You have til Dec 1st on the mini challenge!

My Friend Paula Doyle very nicely, donated her book on Mini's,
a few patterns, and even a MINI wallhanging!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Sewing In CT said...

I'm off for the rest of the week, so I hope to spend quality time with my mini before the deadline!!! LOL.

Venus de Hilo said...

Yikes, running out of time to get mine quilted. Thanks for the nudge!

Michelle said...

Love Kim B's mini!