Friday, January 31, 2014

I'm OK

I spent tons of time thinking about the "word challenge". I had a whole bunch of words jotted on my white board, some of which appeared here:
Although I do need to do all of the above, I really was not inspired to make a quilt with any of them. Then I finished a small gift for a friend "just because" in the middle of another project that I'm racing to get done. When I gave it to her, I realized that I sew to be creative and play. So whatever I do or don't do, however messy it gets and whatever I finish or not is perfectly

Its not a big giant OK finishing at 12"x12"

The scraps are mine and from sewing friends. I bought the two different yellow ginghams in Germany when visiting my daughter in Berlin. I love gingham! On my first night there we went out for chinese food and my fortune cookie held the message: "The color yellow will bring you luck."

I really like the back. I got this fabric from a decorator sample book, so its a heavier cotton with a little sheen. My little quilt is labeled and signed and will hang above my sewing machine.


Renee said...

What a cute little quilt, and I love the reasoning behind it. Reminds me of parenting too!

Willa said...

Great thought process and wonderful quilt!

Farm Gate Creations Incorporating Hummingbird Quilting said...

Well done it looks terrific.

roccagal said...

adorable quilt and a great little story too! wonderful!

Helen said...

I really like the yellow gingham fabric you picked. Those cookies know!

fiberchick said...

This is more than "OK". This quilt is fantastic!

dls said...

Love the "OK"…… I have to think of an appropriate word for 2014!

Margaret said...

Good story & hope the yellow brings you good fortune!!! Your quilt is sweet!