Sunday, January 5, 2014

MY 2014 WORD.....CREATE!

 That is my chosen word for 2014!
I plan on increasing my sewing time , broadening  my skills and trying new techniques!

I was telling a friend a few days ago about how, in the past, my quest for perfection all but paralyzed me from starting much less completing any quilting projects!
I saw my first quilt in 1994 and I fell instantly in love!
I took a quilting class and joined a quilt guild in 1995. 
I was very active in the guild, on the executive, taking classes, joining all the swaps and buying loads of fabric notions and books, yet I made next to nothing!
I would start a project and discover it was too difficult or that I had made bad fabric choices, or a mistake(gasp!), then I would get discouraged and abandon it.
I did this for years until I discovered Gwen Marston's Liberated Quilt-making book in about 2010 and that totally changed my perspective!
I was literally liberated and have just 'gone for it' ever since!
I make mistakes and bad choices sometimes but I am learning, having fun and CREATING!

This quilt was made with low volume scraps in the background and swatches of polyester, wrinkly fabric from discarded sample books that were given to me from a drapery store! 
I have lots of these books and want to find a way to use some of the fabulous fabrics in the my projects! 
This seemed like the perfect occasion!

It is  15 1/2'' by 20'' and I machine appliqued the fused letters and quilted it with variegated thread in straight, wonky lines, which I luv! 

Another great challenge Victoria!

I also wanted to thank the wonderful participants in this group who regularly encourage and inspire me !

Happy New Year to all !
I wish you a lifetime of healthy, happy memories!


sophie said...

The mix of fabrics is fabulous! (everyone should be sure to click the image to see it larger.) You chose a great word and I love that you added hearts to your quilt.

Helen said...

What a wonderful creation and what a great story of your progress! I look forward to seeing more of your work in the coming year...

Margaret said...

Out with Perfectionism!
In with Play & Fun!
Happy 2014!

roccagal said...

-thanks ladies!:)

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

YEAH! CREATE!!!!!!! OK, I'm off to play! I mean, Create!

Jezibels said...

Ah yes struggle with perfection, the little imperfections really are what makes it yours and interesting to others.. I should follow my own advice and quit with perfection too! It is unattainable and really just bogs you down! Nice art!

fiberchick said...

Great to hear about your quilting journey!