Thursday, January 2, 2014


So, here's my slapdash mini quilt with my word for 2014.  I've never actually picked a word and mindfully thought about it for a whole year.  15 Minutes, maybe but not a whole year.  But I like what comes from the people who have gone and done it before me.  All Good Stuff.  With my word in front of me, how can I fail?

I chose REST because I push myself to the limit always.  Why stop and relax if there's something that could be happening whether it's cooking, fixing, whatever?  It's really hard to turn it off, even when I am drop dead tired.  That's getting to be a problem.

I meant to be more random than I was with my fabric selections.  It occurred to me afterwards that the E didn't really belong in the nice lightish value theme that was going on, but when I meditated on it, the E is the Energy drive that I struggle with - it's my gremlin.  He'll never go away, I just have to help him fit in and use him to my advantage!

Secret: I don't know how to applique.  So there's straight stitching on the R (made fabric) and satiny zig zag going on at the S (made with a Moda honeycomb hexie, and the T is a mess (because I was pretty tired from a New Year's Eve quilt finish and at this point and I should have stopped). 

I quilted it with Victoria's aurifil thread (50wt) Fresh Modern & Timeless - I used the variegated pink which I love.  I think this is a great product and I love her colors.  I now know that I should have also bought the 12 wt. because although the 50 wt was flawless, it is very fine and I wouldn't mind more thread showing in my quilting.  I like experiential learning.  I quilted a simple vine with flowers from Christina Cameli's book First Steps to free motion quilting.  It's full of great ideas.

I will bind it and maybe gussy it up a bit more when the creative juice flows this weekend.  Thanks Victoria!!!  Looking forward to more...


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Well done Toni! Best I jump right in! Just to note: 12 wt is the heavier thread. Like for embroidery and hand quilting... Or detail quilting like I do. 50wt is the standard quilting and piecing thread.

Anonymous said...

I envy you your energy ~ and your little quilt celebrates that "E"!

fiberchick said...

What energy you have!