Sunday, January 5, 2014


Teresa, sent me a very funny email… and just for the record, I take full responsibility. ;-) ~Victoria

I just wanted to let you know that it is all your fault that I dropped everything to work on “YOUR” word challenge – not like I don’t have anything to do!  :o)
Also, here is my not-so-mini inspiration from your 15 minutes of play….which I am supposed to be finishing the binding today, not working on a certain person’s word challenge, I remind you.  I named it “The Purple Banshee” because the quilt and I had a very long and ugly fight during the quilting process. I won…..barely.

I’ll send you a pic of the completed mini when it’s done…with any hope of making progress on my neglected projects it will be later today.



sophie said...

I think every quilter alive can relate to Teresa's experience. Isn't it amazing that in all that flurry of activity, she managed to focus long enough to make such a pretty little focus quilt?

Jezibels said...

Beautiful Teresa, love them both!

Teresa Wall said...

Thank you Sophie and Jezibels!