Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A PLAYFUL finish!

My Friend Michele just finished her Quilt that she started when I taught in CT, a few months back. She really had never "PLAYED" this way, and now she has a beautiful quilt done to give to her son. Time to bind, as it's fresh from the quilter!

It started with just a few scraps, and great and grew, and soon it was a bed size quilt, A TRUE intuition quilt!  I was lucky enough to get my fingers in there to fondle her fabrics…LOL!. Well done Michele! Looks great!!!


Unknown said...

Thanks Victoria! It was so much fun and I love how it came out. It was my first star too. I had so much fun in the class. Can't wait to give it to him. Batter get binding.

Sewing In CT said...


fiberchick said...

Well done Michelle- It's gorgeous! Loving your poly jacket too Victoria:)