Tuesday, July 1, 2014



It's a fun subject to dive into... I can start with one idea and spin it into 20, and then I have a conundrum, because I have some many to choose from... Usually though, the one I go with is the one that I can tell a story with.

We all get inspired by many different things during the day, but which do you act on? How do you narrow down the one you will start to gather fabrics for?

For me, I don't often wait for inspiration to hit, I make my inspiration, in my fabrics... By putting my scrap together, I wait for something to spark me. something that will get my head spinning, with all the "what if" questions.

In my last class at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum, we had so much fun asking those questions...  I often find people start with their first idea, and don't push any further. Most of the time that is OK, But sometimes, people want to know how to push further...

Play out all the options.

Change the way you approach your design wall.
Change the way you put your fabrics together.
Change the way you see and think.

There were many fun fabrics going to gather into some very interesting new layouts.

I hope some of these will inspire you.

In fact, That is a good challenge!
Can you be inspired to try something based, on the images you see here in this post?
Is there a color palette, a block, and pattern that is being played out that you can spin add your story and turn it into something YOU?

I challenge you!!

Start by designing a 12.5" block.
Can you take that and turn it into a larger quilt. Either by repeating the block,
or turning it into a medallion?
Turn them on point and make a new design? How do you fill the empty spaces?
What if you....
How will you answer that question?

Go for it.
I dare you.


I'm off on the road for the summer, I just wrapped up lectures and classes and the opening of my Traditions Made Modern exhibit of 12 Double Wedding Ring Quilts.  See? Play it out, you will get loads of ideas, and what If you made all the ideas you had? LOL, one might think your crazy...  haha!
The book on this series will be out in January. If you can't get to the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts to see them, The book will be here soon enough.  
 I will have PRE ORDERS soon on my website.... SIGNED COPIES...    

Stay tuned!

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