Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Word

Well, I thought it was not going to happen this year. 
But finally I've come up with a meaningful word for me for 2015.
A neighbor of mine put out a popular monthly in the recycle bin
and I picked it up and read a feature article.
Initially it was the graphics that caught my eye 
but then there was content in the piece
that resonated with me.
I knew immediately that this was my word!

Yesterday I was so excited and involved making my quilt, 
that until I read Nathalie's statement on her word before posting this, 
I hadn't realized that I, too, forgot about using made fabric!
So, I'm being bold and posting anyhow.

As soon as I finish sewing the facing it will go on the table
where I grab my keys as I head out each day.


Jennifer Thomas said...

That's a good word! It should be interesting to see how it fits into your world this year. Have a super day!

LynneP said...

I think this quiltlet is perfect-made fabric or not!

Brenda said...

fabulous! I love that background fabric.

janequiltsslowly said...

Wait! I thought the background was made fabric! Love this word. I'm still pondering mine for this year.

Helen said...

And BOLD it is!

roccagal said...

both BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!!!!