Saturday, January 24, 2015

Word Challenge for 2015

I was worried that I may not make the January 31st date
for our Word Challenge, but I have!

Wabi-sabi meaning - Imperfect, Impermanent and Incomplete

Imperfect? - yes, a tiny bit of fabric not completely stitched down ….

Impermanent? - I guess so, somewhere down the years ….

Incomplete? - yes, my intention was to have outline quilting around the letters,
but I haven't done the quilting ….

so a very basic work but I have enjoyed working on this little piece.

Completely unrelated to the above, I received my copy of 


Guess what I've being doing over the past two days - reading, drinking cups of tea and
ordering a DWR Accuquilt die!! Happy Days.



Ellie Q said...

Great colors! Learned that word/concept at a guild meeting this year. Love the shape of your letters too.

Margaret said...

Such an interesting concept! I definitely see the beauty in your little quilt!

Helen said...

Finishing is overrated! The joy is in the journey, it is said. And those colors make quite a statement as is...