Thursday, April 29, 2010

next challenge

HI everyone! I think I reached my STOPPING point on this quilt... I wanted to enlarge it a bit, so I added borders, and after much procrastination on those darn corners fitting with the points... I think it's time ot put some batting in it, back it, and start quilting!!

How are the rest of you doing?
I think we are still waiting for a bunch of you to start...
Let's see your pictures you've selected to work with.


I had an idea for another project/challenge.

I know we have all bought fabric,
and later thought, what the heck was I thinking
buying that!

I'd like to offer up a challenge/swap.

Find the ugliest piece of fabric you think, you own.

Cut a 12" square of it.
and if you want to join in the swap, leave a comment

I'll send you an email notifying you
you return the email to me with your address...
then I will pull names, and send you, your swap partner's address
to send them that square of

The challenge will be turning that ugly fabric into
a nice little 12" Block or mini quilt, whatever you want.
Then post it, with before and after picture...
Ugly fabric, and completed little project...

Wanna play?

But let's keep the portraits going.
We have only seen a handful of you so far...

Have fun!


Trudi said...

I'm still in for the portrait, but need to get the lappie back to access my pics :( I'm in for the ugly swap too! Got loads of that!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Finished my towel swap today, so on to the portrait!
Ugly swap/challenge - oh ya!!!

9patchnurse said...

I am SHOCKED!! I've never met a fabric I didn't love. Ugly? Is there such a thing? Guess I'll go hunting through my stash. I do have some fabric from my minigroup's ugly challenge, but I think it's OK. And I'm gonna get started on my portrait this weekend. I'm ready to start cutting fabric, yay!

WoolenSails said...

Not sure about ugly fabric, if I get any, I give it away, lol.
Love how your portrait came out, has just the right balance of elements to enhance it and make it your own.


Kathy said...

Gonna be hard to decide which ugly fabric to part with......I have a special collection just of uglies!!!

Kim said...

Okay I'm game......I have tons of uglies :0)
Now about that self portrait......I still have some time :0).

Michele said...

I love ugly fabric challenges! Count me in!

What Comes Next? said...

my portrait's at the same point as my last post about it, but lots of time until the big reveal!
I'm in for the ugly fabric challenge - lets play! are there any guidelines about how much of the received square to use, and how much we can add, or is it "as long as it's identifiable"?

Alexis said...

Love your borders! I just got back from vacation, and I'm looking forward to resuming work on my portrait. I would love to swap uglies if you're still matching up partners!