Saturday, July 17, 2010


After making LOTS of little 6" crazy squares
I kind of wanted to know where I was going with this little
15 minute (HA!) project.
I've finally decided to alternate with these
square in a square blocks.
The center of these will all be the same fabric
They were given to me by a 90 year old friend of mine.
Every so often she slips me a little envelope
full of 4" squares already cut up. Sweet.....
....and the outside triangle pieces are coming from
the vintage linen stash that grew and grew due to a swap.
Be forewarned! Swaps are dangerous!!


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

What a wonderful friend! and wonderful squares. This quilt will have a great back story!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

These are very cute... I love the vintage sheet swap fabrics in there... Happy playing, where else can it take you?

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful mix of blocks and using your friends fabric will be a treasured memory.


MamaT said...

So cute. I like the idea of the center squares all being the same.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Great mix of fabric. Very sweet that your friend keeps giving you little surprises:)

Magpie Sue said...

Aww, that's going to be a great reminder of your friend in the years to come. What a terrific combination of blocks too.

Kim Brackett said...

Love the way that's looking. And how special that your friend has gifted you with pieces to use.