Monday, September 27, 2010

On My Way

OK Ladies of the Bee - I've gotten a start on my block.  As this is the first time I've ever participated in something of this nature, I am a bit apprehensive.  Therefore, taking a deep breath, I'm throwing this out there for critique, appraisal, approval, what-have-you.  Hope this is what you are looking for Victoria.  I began with a couple of these small, four patch blocks that I have inherited .

Add a scrap, here and a scrap there.  I came up with this.

But these 3 blocks are not gonna go together well unless I do something else.  So I did this.  Another little block to sorta even it all out. 

Next: the piece de resistance - the slashes and insertions.  But that must wait til tomorrow.  Folks around my house are clamoring for an evening meal. 

Thanks for all the inspirations, Victoria & her Ladies of the Bee.  EeeeeIiiiiii!!!!!!!


Brenda said...

looks great so far

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Perfect! you go tit! keep going!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

AAWWHHH!! I mean GOT IT!!! hehe!

Sujata Shah said...

Look who is talking.. you have four too! And I bet you cooked a nice meal for your guests. I just sewed some blocks and felt selfishly happy!
Your blocks are as bright and cheery as you!

CharlotteP said...

Great blocks, Mary! Love those bright autumnal fabrics!