Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can I talk about my scrap swap?

Hope so.  Just delete me if I can't.............(oops, negative thought not allowed! LOL)

I am so excited about the Scrap Swap.  I was really hating my scrap bag.  Same ole, same ole.  Nothing exciting.  Just how do you expect me to live the rest of my life with THESE boring scraps?  Augh!

Then the Scrap Swap grew out of V's head.  And there was hope for my sad pile of scraps that I had shunned and pushed into the corner of the sewing room.

Wow!  It is amazing how much you can get into a bag if you squish it!  I am still stuffing.  But there is a startling development.  All of a sudden I am liking my scrap pile.  I am looking at them from different eyes, those of my scrap partner.  She is all the way over the ocean.  And my stuffed bag of scraplets have to represent me!  Augh!

I talk to the prospective puppy adopters at the shelter I volunteer for.  You have to make sure they have the right home for your precious pups.  And deep in my heart I know my Across The Pond Swap Partner is going to be good to my precious scrappies.  She will treat them well, feed them often but not too much.  Exercise them daily, and give them plenty of sunshine.  I know this, but it is still hard to part with my lovelies.

Trudi, darling, you have been approved for ownership.  You are a wonderful home, I know. But it still hard to look at the box, knowing I must let go, and imagine it as it crosses the ocean.

I hope Raggedy Ann doesn't get seasick.  I am sure the Watermelons will help her though the journey.  She will have the Flags to take courage from in her new home in the faraway land. 

Bye, my favorite fabrics, good-bye.  Be on your best behavior when you get there, Trudi doesn't need trouble from you.  Line up in seams and lay flat when ironed.

Lovingly packed,


Jessica said...

oh glen, exactly! i thought it would be easy to fill that envelope, but it was harder than I had imagined. I, i, I like my scraps! and I didn't want to send only the stuff I didn't like anymore.. so i ended up cutting into yardage (which i never do for my own scrap quilts) and each piece I gave Bonnie, I tossed a bit in my scrap pile as well (it'll have a better chance of getting used now!)
I think I am well represented in that overstuffed envie now. Hope they all play nice over at Bonnie's house.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Hahaha!!!! I found I had to "lay my scrappies out neatly" practically had to iron them so they would look nice upon their arrival! My scrap bins are a mess.. I just toss stuff into them... But as I dug through them I would find bits from a swap Brenda and I did and I'd think, " look how far I made her scraps go!" she made mine go even further....

So, now, I look forward to my new scrappies... I know I will get inspired all over again! :-) and I hope mine will inspire too.

Pinkadot Quilts said...

Spoken like a true quilter! Trudi we are going to need a picture of these well behaved scraps that Glen is sending you!!!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Oh, lordy! I didn't think about IRONING them! Truds, I have to open the envelope dear, I will be a minute.

Carol E. said...

LOL! I love this story and the ongoing saga in the comments.

Margaret said...

This is hilarious ... & a little scary to someone fairly new to quilting & just beginning to accumulate wee ones.

Magpie Sue said...

I'm sorry I didn't see this post sooner! I was so afraid of sending my partner things I know she doesn't use normally but then that left her with all the boring stuff. And the idea behind swapping is to get stuff we wouldn't normally acquire on our own, right? Now I'm afraid I didn't pack enough variety!!! And my envelope is sealed (but not sent). Oh dear.

Margaret, you're in a good place if you take heed and start using your scraps now, before they get out of hand. Take it from someone who has been quilting for years and is currently trying to wrest control of the scrap bin ;- )

Trudi said...

LOL, Glen rest assured, this loving home will treat those little puppies with gentle encouragement to be good, but tolerate unruley behaviour with an open heart and the experience only quilters understand! I'm pleased they have some sustanance for the journey, long as it may be, trouble free across the big wide pond, and if there's still some melon left after the flight, well, we'll all just have to have a picnic!

Pics will follow :)