Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Scraps Came In

I was recently on vacation but got to come home to a package of scraps from Teesha! (Note to self- always do a swap or something before going on vacation- coming home to fabric mail makes the end of the trip much better!) She sent me loads of different squares. I thought these were so pretty I whipped up a little doll quilt from them...

And I have lots more to play with. Life is a little crazy right now, so it's nice to have scraps to dig into and be able to let my creative juices flow without planning or rules.... I'll deal with the mess... later :-)

Happy sewing!


Barbara Arcement said...

Your doll quilt is so cute.
Have fun with the rest of the scraps!
Who knew that scraps of fabric could make someone almost giddy! LOL
hugs from south Louisiana

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I agree! I did the same thing, but I made my swap partner wait until after I came back!