Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My scraps have turned into something!

This way of making blocks is addicting.  I made a couple more of my 10 squares last night and did not have a clue how I would put them together.
This morning, the first thought in my head was.....why not make the squares half scrappy and half solid.  I have seen these on other post and I like them.
Here is what I ended up with!  Enough to make a nice lap quilt!
What do you think?
I have them on my planning board.  I will probably sew them together sometime today!

This is so much fun!  Thanks for the great idea!


Em said...

I can tell how much u r having with this quilt by looking at it!!!!!!!! Love the wonky-ness and the dark fabric shows off the blocks so well!!!!

Barbara Arcement said...

thanks Em this is so much fun....I have lots of ideas rolling around for more projects. I really enjoy doing this!

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Way cool. I love how this just grows and grows!


23rdspiral said...

this is so great! its fun and liberated and very very pretty. bravo!!

Sandy Panagos said...

That is really great!!