Wednesday, December 8, 2010

GGI Mantra.... (V's Goddess of Good Ideas)

V's Goddess of Good Ideas has been born to the mind of "Queen" Bumblebeans herself.  
So in commemoration of such a wondrous creative spiritual awakening....
lets come up with a mantra that is suitable for GGI.

There are so many wonderful ways to invoke your creative 
thoughts now that we have a GGI...Have you tapped your inner GGI today?
  So now that she is with us....I wonder what we will do. 
 So lets harness our GGI...

Begin your 15 minutes of play by seeking her out...
Ask her if she is ready to play...Let her Ideas shine within you as your 
begin your 15 minutes of play....Perhaps a Haiku would be fitting...
or some other 5 line mantra to begin our 15 minutes of play....any ideas.... E


Cindy F said...

Sit and think, design.
No, don't think...let your mind go!
15 goes by fast!

I should write this down and put it in front of me when I sew since I have trouble with thinking too much about how it's coming along!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

E, you crack me up.

Em said...

Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! I recognize those green Christmas lights from V, correct? SO vibrant and funny!!! Em

Alexis said...

O Goddess of Good Ideas!
Shine your light on me
When Spoonflower gives me orange instead of red
Put some thoughts into my head

LOL! Love this idea!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

I am posting this for DAWN,

Oh G. G. I. come to me today
I have fabric and I wanna play
Make my ideas playful and fun
Better yet~ another project DONE!

thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!
Dawn in MA

Encyclopedia said...

Yeaaaaahhhh I love the haiku cindy and the mantra/poems you guys are posting are simply delightful...More More More...Perhaps I will have to come up with a G.G.I. Mantra Scroll Quilt with your wonderful words....smiles. E

Magpie Sue said...

I haven't come up with a mantra yet (although I do like the ones that have been offered so far). What I want to do is make my own Goddess of Good Ideas!