Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Intuition X2

 I have a friend, Janet, who is on our NYC MOD Quilt guild, who makes really lovely things...
After I saw what she did with my scraps...(above from our scrap swap)
I cornered her to ask her if we could do a project together.
 I started it by making two red CROSS blocks.
Our idea was to build two quilts the same,
and then we will each have a quilt for ourselves in the end.
 It's been completely intuitive, and SO fun to get in the mail..
I got the two tops last week, and yesterday put on the outer rows on all four sides...

It's been a real challenge to work on TWO at the same time, and make them  the SAME.
But nothing wrong with a good challenge... gotta keep trying new things...
I had to RESTRAIN myself from finishing 
it off KING size...
Right now it's 37" X 47"
I'm so into it... and am thrilled I get to keep one of them!

In this last round, I added a repeat of the red CROSS, X shape we started with, and wanted to add in 
another pop of yellow into the borders.  I liked how that top Yellow balanced having two X's opposite each other, and then added the red slash bottom right to bring it all together.

The Ikat strips on the outside, I had thought I would have used RED, 
but decided it was to bright just yet... But I have it waiting in the wings.... 

You never know, it might work on the next round!

I'll see Janet on Saturday, I hope she likes the next round!

If anyone wants to pair up, and try this, 
Let me know... I can arrange it.. Or just find a partner from on the site, and go for it!
You can work on the same, or two different like Sue and Janet.

They really are fun to work on and send back and forth...

Just FYI:  
My address book was hijacked, and sent emails to everyone 
saying I just gave you free movie tickets.. .
please delete...I didn't...

I'm so sorry, although, that's a nice idea...

I hate spam mail more than you know... 
I don't like forwarded emails, or "nice thoughts"
emails that people forward on, 
"because they are nice thoughts emails"

Don't like them, don't read them, I delete them...

I do like Polka dots, and bright happy colors!
and fuzzy groundhog's who think Spring is coming early!

And other nice thoughtful emails written by you personally!



Nifty Quilts said...

Those hand woven fabrics really add a richness to these. Love those red X's.

Maree said...

I was a bit mystified as to why I was sent a movie ticket - I have already deleted it. I too hate the e-mails that ask you to forward on to others I consider them as bad as chain letters and they are deleted immediately. I am loving all he intuition quilts.

CharlotteP said...

Ohh...two lovely quilts! What a great colour combination Janet chose...must remember that one!

Alexis said...

Those quilts are 2 times the fun. I am having major ikat dots lust now.

Trudi said...

Those two quilts are beautiful! I was a little surpirsed by the e-mail, but figured it wasn't you and have already deleted! Been there myself! Got too much on to join in at the mo, but I'll be back!

Auntie Em said...

I would love to be paired up with someone! This sounds fun. Close as possible though.
Anyone in Kansas???
Also looking for blogs/groups to do quilt swaps (small ones of course).

Lisa said...

Amazing, it must have been very hard to keep them the same. They look great, fabulous design work.