Friday, February 18, 2011

The Last Section

Last night I worked on the last section of my Intuition quilt. I am not finished yet, but hope to get there this weekend. The last time I blogged I hadn't taken works in progress pictures, but promised more this time and not just the "TaDa" picture. Here is my last section so far. These are pieces that I had previously sewn that so far hadn't found a home so they are just perfect for this last section. I knew that I wanted the the top left piece in that corner which meant that everything else had to revolve and fit around it.

I like the way the orange stripe cuts across the section to the right and how it sits at an angle, but not on point. That meant that I needed to piece some fabric to go into that blank space at the top. That done and moving the house block down some, I still need to decide on that big green plaid chunk with the top half of a piece heart block that I chopped up way back during quadrant two. I piece it in and cut off the extra on the left side and it is looking good. Now what about that house?

I think a tornado came and ripped it off the design wall 'cause look what attached itself onto the right side. More piece fabric. Lots of left over blocks. All sewn together in about 5 sections and then piece to make a chunk of fabric big enough to attach to the right side of the section. It still will need something to even out the top right area, but I don't need to make that decision right now.

Last, but not least for now, that house block was rescued and it attached itself to a mighty funky star and some more pieced fabric to even out that bottom right hand corner. I have put up another chunk of pieced fabric on the bottom left to audition for tonight's sewing. I know that a lot of it will be cut off to square up to the right size, but it's looking good and like I said before I hope to have the entire Intuition quilt top pieced together this weekend.


Miki Willa said...

I have really enjoyed watching your intuition quilt grow. I can't wait to see all the quadrants together. It is going to be spectacular. I love the house section.

CharlotteP said...

Look forward to seeing it complete!

Alexis said...

Great progress!

Sandy Panagos said...

Looks great!