Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The fabric left over

After creating the Portal/House/Temple as described here
on March 13th, I had these pieces of fabric left over.
I decided to make a house and got to the stage of sewing on the background fabrics. It had steps and wings(!). It then sat on the sewing room floor glowering at me for a week. It had to go. I unpicked seams and did some cutting before I could change my mind. I was left with this (and a few other bits I found on the floor later).

I did a bit (lot) more cutting and sewing and tried this layout. Not bad. In retrospect I could have done something with it. However I had the rotary cutter out and I kept going.

After much cutting and sewing and unpicking and cutting and sewing I ended up with the first mat below. I had added a little more fabric but kept to the original materials. It's not bad. It has heat-proof wadding and machine quilting round the edges.
Below is the second mat made from the pieces. I quite like this - it has something mysterious about it.

There is still a bit of the fabrics left from the original blocks.
I love this cut and sew technique. You can do it in odd moments and you get some surprising results.


claudia said...

very nice blog,have a good day from Tenerife!!!

Miki Willa said...

I love the colors you have here. Very cool blocks!