Saturday, March 19, 2011

Inspiration Roses! Part 3

If you haven't seen the previous two parts you should check those out.  If you are one of those people who wants to see the finished product, then wait a day or so.  If you are along for the ride, sit back and enjoy!

I left off yesterday wondering what to do with the sides.  I was bemoaning the fact that the quilt was nearly equal long as it was wide.  And I do so prefer the not square quilts.  Although I had decided that if it wanted to be square, I would live with that.  And it wanted to be square.  It so wanted to be square.

And I was not happy with the free pieced roses I had made so I stopped at two.  As I thought more about the roses themselves, I decided to check out EQ 6 and see if it had some roses to offer.  And they did.  Mostly applique roses, and I don't really like applique.  Gee, this is sounding like I don't like this and don't like that, huh?

I did find a paperpieced rose that I could manipulate to fit the bottom row.  I DO like paperpiecing and it went along well. 

Roses, they look pretty good, don't they!  
At least they look good on the cutting mat.  There is a good lesson in this here rose.  Contrast.  I was really concerned about contrast with the letters because I read in Tonya's book (Word Play, by the way) that you have to pay attention to contrast if you want to see your wonderful words.  And I listened, but did not generalize.  ( I tell my dog clients all the time.......Dogs do not generalize, you have to teach sit in every room in your house!)  But did I listen to myself......No.

Can you see the roses once they are in the bottom banner row?  The answer is no.  But that is fine, I know they are there, and hopefully some creative quilting will make them stand out, we KNOW I am not going to applique anything on there to help them!
This quilt really wanted to be square.  Everything I did, kept making it square.  So I tested a few things out on the design wall to see if I could make it "not square" and have it still retain its charm. 
Here is an addition on the top:

Here is an addition on the bottom: 
And here is a test with a leftover square all on the bottom.  It looks kinda good so I will go with the bottom row.  I thought that it should have the divisions with pink, as I had some of the pink polka dots left, enough to make it look like the purple on the side there. I need to fix that left bottom corner, hmmmm, for some reason I dipped when I sewed it together.  I wonder how that happened.  Here is what it ended up looking like tonight.  It measures 51 x 67 so it is not square and I can sleep tonight.
Isn't that funny, it doesn't have to be king sized either!  LOL.

glen:  I am liking this Not Square Roses Quilt.  and here is a rose close if you you can't find them in the quilt.  Just make it larger and you can see them in their paperpieced glory!


Kathy MacKie said...

Yes-everything is coming up Roses! At least these you don't have to water.

sheila 77 said...

What a good story. It's funny how quilts and even small mats have their own ideas. However you seem to be showing it who is boss. Love seeing the progression of this quilt.

Miki Willa said...

It is so fun to read about your process for this quilt. It is growing beautifully.

daveandlo said...

Perhaps since the word "roses" is very contrasty the paper pieced ones do not need to scream ROSES. . .Lois