Monday, March 7, 2011

Wobbly, Wavey, Dotty, Stripey With a Hint of Plaid

I just finished my dotty, stripey & plaidy blocks. I found that I really like polka dots and stripes…but I'm working on plaids…I think I only have two in these blocks (not too many in the stash either J).  Maybe that calls for a roadtrip shop hop?!?  Anyways, they turned out a bit wobbly/wavey and seem quite different from everyone elses…that make me go hmmm….oh well, I hope you can use them…if not cut them up and re-purpose them!! 
Have a great day everybody!!
(PS - the pictures were taken on my polka dot duvet…thought it was fitting!)

(PSS - Victoria can you re-email your address....thanks!)


Miki Willa said...

Great blocks. I really love the fabric in the top one with the dots and circles. It is just so happy!

Kathy MacKie said...

So like your style. Enjoyed listening to Bumble Beans on Toginet with Pat Sloan!