Monday, April 25, 2011

Linda's swap

Hey there!  Linda, here...
I am attaching four pictures of 12 x 12’s.  The one with the daffodils is the one for my swap 
partner.  I made it of scraps of batiks and water colors using a wonky log cabin, but it didn’t “pop”.
  I added the cathedral window strip on the side, slashed and added the daffodil print.  If you look 
closely at the whole 12 x 12, I had started quilting with a stipple stitch, but I not sure how I will 
quilt the finished 12 x 12.  The other two are the first ones that I did. 

 You can tell I do a lot of sewing for children.  “Dora” is all flannels and quilted with a
single line in a spiral square.  “Pooh” is cotton prints quilted using a double needle with
red and white thread.  I used a slight zigzag stitch and maneuvered the fabric as I sewed.  

This is my first swap and I have enjoyed it.  I have done this type of quilting before, but 
not the “slash and stitch” method.  I was very reluctant to “slash”, but I’m glad I did. 
Linda Kernodle


Miki Willa said...

These are great. I love the way you added the yellow fabric into the first one, as well as the cathedral window strip. Very cool.

Helen said...

Love those daffodils, Linda! Your "Dora" is mighty cute, too!

Magpie Sue said...

I know a little girl who would *love* that Dora quilt but I like all three of your mini quilts!