Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scrap lap

Scrap lap by alibobbles
Scrap lap, a photo by alibobbles on Flickr.

I have been evicted from my sewing room by DD (it is a bedroom as well), so I am extremely frustrated after a whole week without my daily 15 mins play.

Undefeated though I snuck in and got my tiny scraps and have started hexies with anything that is big enough. I have no ideas what to put the resulting material in? Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I say start small and build from there. My first hexi project was my name tag. Start with a pillow and if you are having fun make it bigger into a doll quilt and if you are still addicted keep going and make it into a lap quilt. Happy quilting!

alibobbles said...

. . I should of said I already have hand done hexy quilts but they were done with a pattern and lots of material. I was wondering about appliquéing the 'material' onto a plain piece and stuffing and quilting to make it 3D?