Sunday, April 17, 2011


I've collected quite a few fabrics over the years from dressmaking, curtain making and many other textile-making projects.

Some fabrics are fairly new.

Some are older.

This piece has scraps from several skirts, my living room curtains, a friend's blouse and many bits I always thought were too small to use (but too pretty to throw away).

The paper piecing from turned itself into a leaf. But then what? No ideas.

After a long search through the scrap pile a little Liberty carnation turned up and made the top left corner. Three other flowers came to keep it company and the top was sewn together. But the little carnation was too pale in comparison and had to be replaced. I thought I could take it out and fill in with the new flower, but no - the entire top left corner had to be taken out and redone.

After careful measuring throughout, I was more than a little surprised to find the top had been trimmed to 11 x 12. Oops.

It's ready for quilting now. I was thinking - round the edge, the leaf and the flowers. Any other suggestions will be gratefully received. I haven't done much quilting - I would normally frame a piece like this.

I so enjoyed making it and I hope Mystery Lady likes it.


Nifty Quilts said...

Very pretty! I love your mix of old and new, and the way you use value.

Theodora quilts said...

I love it!!! so bright and vibrant.

Nathalie said...

OOH! I would love it thank you. I love the background fabrics. They really let the others shine through. Wonderful job.

Miki Willa said...

I love all the wonderful colors and patterns. Mixing old and new is so much fun. If I were quilting it, I would probably use a large meandering pattern. If I was a better quilter, I would throw in some feathers in keeping with the old and new theme. Alas, I am still new at quilting and haven't mastered that yet. I am sure that it will be wonderful whatever you do.

Unknown said...

I love the leaf - that has turned out lovely!

Alexis said...


Magpie Sue said...

Oh good job! I had to take out a section of my swap quilt and redo it too. Your ideas for quilting it sound like they would be just the thing.

mom2four said...

wow, what a beauty!! I'm feeling so simple compared to all these!!