Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beacon light tutorial: Block of the month

 Beacon Lights Quilt block tutorial : early JUNE (I'm late!)
You will have another block up shortly! Sorry about that!

 Make 1  6.5" square of made fabric
Choose your background fabric. I chose YELLOW

Cut one strip of Yellow
3.5" X 14", then cut that into 4  3.5" squares

 Next, Make a 4.5" X 17" strip of made fabric, press, and cut that into 4.5" squares.
And also a 4.5" X 17" strip of YELLOW, and cut that into 4.5" squares as well.
 Cut each square TWICE diagonally so that each square gives you four triangles each.

Sew one yellow to one made fabric triangle ... Your yellow triangle on the right, 
made fabric triangle on the left, consistently so that when you press these, and lay them out, 
they will be the opposite, and fit together like the below picture...
Press your new triangles to the darker fabric side... SNIP your point edges, 
So they will lay flat when you sew these sets together

 Lay them out as desired, and sew these new pairs together matching up your seams
to make nice points. Again SNIP the angled seam bits that extend past
your block to square up.

Sew two of the units you just made, made fabrics touching... and sew to your
6.5" block of made fabric on either side.... as layout above.
Take your next two units, sew together, and add your Yellow 3.5" to either end 
to sew across the top and bottom...

I was having camera issues today so I am missing a few step photos. 
But I think the block is pretty... I used up all my lovely cheddar so will be
making another when I have more so they go with the other blocks!
easy to see how it goes together...


Reminder if you want in on the SOLIDS SCRAP CHALLENGE, 
sign up by Monday evening....  Also note I will be away starting 
Wednesday through the 28th,
so I may not be commenting or quickly available...
Can't wait to see your blocks!
Hope I got the sizes all right! LOL!


Cathy said...

Looks like fun. Can't wait to make some fabric and then make this block. Hugs.

Alexis said...

I love this block.I have my pieces all cut and laid out- can't wait to sew it together!

em's scrapbag said...

Glad to be home and excited to start this fun block.