Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blocks for Glen

Hi Glen! I didn't see anywhere about a size requirement/request, so these blocks are two different sizes. If you did have something else in mind, I could easily trim/add to them.I hope you like them, I will be sending them out on Thurs!

♥ Jorie


Margaret said...

I think these leaf leaf blocks are fabulous ... I've loved all the interpretations of the players & know that this is something I will try at a future date.

Glen QuiltSwissy said...

Sorry, I have been so busy with my mom, CAAWS, Toastmasters and the upcoming Quilt Show that just got dumped in my lap two days ago. Aughhhhhh! Can you say mental breakdown??? LOL

Any size is welcome. I tried some small ones, large ones and they ALL look fabulous! I can't wait to start putting them together.


Nicky said...

Great leaf blocks but then I have liked them all!