Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Block number 6 done

Here is my flower block.  However, I wasn't watching close enough and thought that my 6 inch square ruler was a 6 1/2 inch square and now my block is not the same size as all the other blocks it will be playing with.  I thought about changing it or remaking it, but I am going to leave it and see what happens.  I used a darker gray background than I had previously used and I am liking the look. 

Thank goodness, I have plenty to make at least one if not two more blocks with this darkest background.  I also have some medium grays to fill in the inbetween colors.  Right now, I just have the lightest and darkest on the wall. 


sheila 77 said...

I like the dark background and I love "leave it and see what happens". Your set of blocks looks really good together.

Unknown said...

I think this looks great with the dark back ground - the rose really stands out

tropicslady said...

These are looking really great!