Friday, July 29, 2011

EASY HST tutorial, for when you goof!

 When Julie put up her tutorial, I was so excited to see her flower! 
I had just made a flower BUD!
Except mine was 8", so I added some borders and
 it can now live with the BIG fella!

  When I did my tutorial for the beacon lights block, I was out of cheddar, 
so I had made it with a different yellow... So re made my own 
tutorial only to realize I totally messed it up! I cut all my made
fabric into 3.5" squares instead of 4.5"! LOL!
So what to do with all those HST's?

I made the HST block.

So if you want to add that block to your quilt, the 
 tutorial is:

cut 13  - 3.5" squares of made fabric
and 13 - 3.5" squares of back ground fabric
(you will have on extra block)

Sew them cuties up, One background to one made fabric HST
trim them back to 3.5" cutting off all those tails...

Then sew them together in rows of 5.


ADD your blocks to the flickr page, so we can see how they all look together!

Have a great weekend!!!

Have you finsished & SENT your Solid Swap Quilt?

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MulticoloredPieces said...

I'm enjoying your blog while trying to beat the heat. Your use of color is so fun and the quilts based on paintings are so lovely.
best, nadia