Monday, July 11, 2011

Final leaves

Mary Frances send these fabulous leaves.  Yes, all of them are fabulous! 

I think that is all of them.  I have a retreat this weekend and I plan on putting them up on an uncluttered and totally blank design wall and seeing what happens.  I will have lots of critics and an equal number of fans.

I am hoping to come home with a quilt top frm the leaves.  But who knows.

I also hope to come home with a Solids Swap completed. 

Between those two items, I may not get another thing completed!  However I am hoping to put a serious dent into my UFO pile.

Thank you Mary Frances!  I like them......a lot!



Margaret said...

Really looking forward to seeing what you do with all
the gorgeous leaves you've collected!

Barbara Arcement said...

Ignore the do beautiful work

Mary-Frances said...

Oh Glen - you're too kind. I still say the dark green leaf looks like Mick Jagger's lips!! Hope you are having fun at your retreat. I'm with beebee...ignore the critics!