Saturday, July 9, 2011

B.O.M. July - Hybrid Tea Rose

This is a block that featured in the Block Lotto a couple of months ago and credit goes to Kate of for tweaking and modernising an old block and calling this one Modern Clover .
By using  'made' material and spiralling in a wonky 5 sided log cabinny way - you can create a rose effect.

First, you'll need your scaps - mine aren't colour co-ordinated in seperate bags - just piled in an Ikea bag - organised chaos!! Anyway, you'll need to choose a colour-way for the rose, some greens for the leaves and stem and some plain colour for the background - I have chosen white
It was a race to see if I had more blues than pinks

Green strips for the leaves

Sew enough strips together to form a square (on point) of 7 inches
 My blue stash won!! Sew your rose colours in a wonky log cabinesque way to give the impression of petals curling around a centre (Can you see why mine's a Hydrid T (ea) Rose!!) Again to be on the safe side it needs to be about 7 inches square - I can say this now with the benifit of hindsight
 Once squared, I cut the green square so that the stripes run horizontally. You will also require 2 back-ground squares of 7" cut into triangles. Plus a nice green stem.
 Sew the leaf triangles to the white ones, and sew the stem inbetween the last two triangles. As I am slap dash in my approach I have estimated on the big side so that at this part, I can square them up to the correct size of 6 1/2" square. Maths is not my strong point so please feel free to advise an easier approach!!
Sew the rose to a leaf square and the stem to the other leaf square - Take care at this point to match up the centre point as you now sew the remaining 2 last pieces into place.

Place a pin at the point where the 2 centre seams meet and sew in 2 parts - from the pin to the end - turn over and again from pin to the end
Once complete, square up the block to a 12 1/2" square
Here's a picture of my toes that also happens to have 2 completed blocks. The first pink one that I tried, I accidently cut the green block in half the wrong way - but its OK - Check out the wobbly stem - it was a windy day.
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Stacey said...

I love this block...I can see a whole quilt made out of these blocks!

tropicslady said...

This should be a fun one. (And I'm getting so far behind in my blocks!)


Cathy said...

Love the block. Can't wait to make it. Hugs

Miki Willa said...

I really like this block. I need to get busy and catch up. I still have the cactus flower to make.