Friday, July 8, 2011

Leaf and Blue Jean update

Well, I can tell you that Frank spent the the other night in his closet taking inventory.  I guess he was making sure that was the ONLY pair of dockers I got my hands on.  Hee Hee, actually I did go and find one more pair that was in equally bad shape.  It was a slightly different shade of blue.  I really wanted a black pair, but they seemed to be in good shape.  I need to take scissors in there with me next time I go on a scouting mission.

Here is the blue jean quilt.  It is a finished top now.  Chloe the Smelly Basset likes it ---- a lot.  She would not move so I could sew the sections together.  I had to bribe her with a doggie bone.

The quilt top is so large that I spread it out in my kitchen.  My kitchen is not small by any means.  And the quilt takes up nearly the entire floor.  I will have to get out the tape measure tomorrow and see just how big it is.  See my knees and tennies?  I had to get up on the cabinet to take the picture.  Don't tell Frank, he hates when anyone sits on a counter.  Like I am going to break it.....yeah right. 

There are some pretty cool features in the quilt.  I will square it up tomorrow and see what happens 

I did get some leaves today.  You all just know what I need!  That is why I love you guys so much!
Here are leaves from Jessica.  I am glad you did them, they look fabulous.  And your work is very nice, really, I am not kidding! 

And I have to admit, every time I think I am thinking outside the box, you gals just one-up me.  But I love that too!  Here I was going along dreaming of putting this quilt together and what it would look like and I get these in the mail today as well.  I adore the green!  When I opened the bags my first thought was..........oh no!  I should have asked for green hand dyes for the background!

They opened up a whole new thought process in my head. 

And we all know that could well be dangerous!

Thanks ladies!  I love my leafies!



Jessica said...

glad they arrived safely! i sat under a bunch of leaves today and quilted in Central Park.. i really appreciated their shade.
can't wait to see what your quilt looks like Glen~

Nathalie said...

I don't know what it is about blue jean quilts , but I think they all have to be really large. My quilt is almost a king size quilt and very, very heavy! It made for some great times at football games, though. Me all wrapped up and snug as a bug in my quilt and everyone else freezing! lol

Barbara Arcement said...

I like your blue jean quilt. I had collected a bin full of jeans thinking I would make something with them. My DH brought them in from the garage and I think I will be spending time with those jeans pretty soon. What are you using as a backing? Including a batting? It seems like it would be very heavy enough without a batting.
I will post a photo when I get started on mine!
Everyone is so talented and creative. I am learning so much and love it!