Sunday, August 21, 2011


 Sorry my pics are crumby... My photo battery died just as I was about to take pics! 
So the iphone got put to use....


1. Make a large piece of fabric

 2. Cut one 6.5" block

 3. Cut 5,  3 7/8" blocks from the made fabric and cut on the diagonal giving you 10 HST's

 4. Cut 5,  3 7/8" blocks of background fabric and cut on the diagonal as well. ( 10 HST's)

5. Cut 2,  3.5" blocks of background fabric

 6. Sew one background HST to one made fabric HST... press open...

7. Layout as shown. Sew together....

Note the direction the HST's go... 
(even though I did, I put it together wrong twice! LOL!)

Here's all my Blocks so far... You may see some extra blocks in here, 
I made one or two from scraps of pieces I find laying around... 
Like the "V", second row second block... ;-)  
I may go back and make the Opposite of each block like we did on the Churn dash block.
 I like the definition it gives the blocks.

How are you all doing on your Block of the months?
Add them to our Flickr page so we can see them all! 

Are you making a green one for the BASICS quilt? click here for more info.

Deadline to send blocks is Sept 18th.
Can get enough to make one quilt!

Thanks! - V


Glen QuiltSwissy said...

I do like the positive and negative aspect of the blocks as well. Looking wonderful!


Maree said...

I have got a bit behind with my blocks but hope to catch up soon. I have made lots of made fabric so just have to make the blocks now. I am making up another piece of fabric at the moment in different colours for the basics quilt so may do that first so I can get it in the mail. Love your V block -might have to see if I can make an M for my quilt.

Deborah said...

These blocks look great! So bright and cheery.

Julianne said...

Victoria, I need your help. If I have made fabric cut into 8.5" blocks, what size do I cut the fabrics for the hst's?? I'm having a brain fart! Thanks!