Monday, August 22, 2011

Helen's bow ties

Ohhhh, I am so bad!  I have an envelope all addressed, waiting for a few more bow ties to be added. 

I have spent the last three days cleaning up my sewing room space.  Now I can't find you! LOL.

But I have a couple of blocks, ready to go.........!!!!

glen:  and pictures would only be of my piles of quilting junk!


Cathy said...

Too funny...sounds like my sewing room. I have a list of things I can't find. lol

Barbara Arcement said...

why does the quilting room have to get destroyed while trying to get it neat? I have lots of missing items now too! I am determined to get it straightened out.

Helen said...

Not to worry, I will post your pix when the blocks get here....You can post pictures of your tidied up room instead!!!