Sunday, September 25, 2011

NEW'BEE Block for October!

Hello! I am excited to be a part of the NEW'BEE, which starts this month!

Thank you in advance to all of the NEW'BEE players - and now here is my block request.

See how excited my doggies are?

Autumn says "back to school", back to basics, and in honor of that - I'm requesting a 9-patch block - and the extra made fabric too, if you please!

First, create a piece of "made" fabric approx. 12" x 12" from one bright color group - think blues, greens, pinks, fuscias, purples, oranges - no yellows or tomato reds please. Above, see my made fabric all of oranges. From this fabric, cut 5 squares at 3" x 3".

I plan to make a quilt with a combination of patchwork and applique - and would like to use the extra made fabric for the applique - hence the size of made fabric requested.

From one piece of a contrasting fabric, in the same color choices, cut 4 squares at 3" x 3". This fabric should be a print, or something like the batik shown. The 4 contrast squares don't all have to be from the same fabric, as long as the color is similar (all purple, e.g.).

Assemble 9-patch block. Sew each horitontal row together, pressing the seams towards the darker fabric, then sew the 3 rows together, and press to finish.

How many to make is up to you - one block, and the remaining made fabric would be totally fine. If you feel inspired to make another, it can be with the same fabrics/colors

Finished block, ta da!

Thank you all!

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Cathy said...

Love your block. I will start on yours sometime this week. This is going to be fun. Hugs