Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On Renewing quilt magazines

Over the years I have gotten about every quilt magazine there is out there.  I like each one and there are things I don't like about each one.  I guess no one magazine is perfect....sigh.

But I am looking at renewing or not renewing some this year.  I now have both my subscriptions and my mom's,  who is now in final stages of Alzheimers in a nursing home.  So I am truly overwhelmed with copies of things.

I was wondering, is there a Modern Quilt Magazine out there anywhere?

I do like the Quick Quilts and now there is one called Simple Quilts.  And a lot of those ideas may be tweaked to be non-traditional, but is there anything dedicated to Modern Quilting?

glen:  inquiring minds want to know!


Anonymous said...

There is a digital magazine that comes out quarterly that is dedicated to Modern Quilting - Fat Quarterly. Great 'rag' - I've subscribed since the start. You can see it here:

No relation to the mag - just a happy reader. :)


quiltzyx said...

Have you been to ?
Jake Finch & Melissa Thompson, were editors at Quilter's Home & Megan Dougherty was one of the writers & they've started an online magazine/blog. They're working towards being a print magazine eventually, but for now they put out an article a day. It's lots of fun & definitely goes Modern!
I am Generation Q!

Barbara Arcement said...

I have a stack of quilt magazines too. I have given away so many over the last 5 years. I have decided not to renew. I have been getting so many ideas online and I love watching Youtube tutorials.
I did take the magazines and cut out the ideas I liked best and I have a binder full of great quilts I hope to make one day.

Sandy Panagos said...

Quilting Arts is contemporary but it's about more than just quilting. Includes other fiber arts. You can pick it up at bookstores.

sheila 77 said...

I've found I get far more from blogs on the Internet than any magazine - and I've tried all the ones available. I would love to find a good Quilt magazine. There's a newish one out called "Mollie Makes" which has lots of sewing related things - I've read one and I'm going to try a few more.

JoAnne in southern California said...

I subscribe to all of the magazines but have learned much more about quilting from blogs and YouTube tutorials. The magazines, for the most part, only teach quilt construction not quilting. I will let all of mine except Love of Quilting expire.