Sunday, December 4, 2011

AAQI Quilts

I just popped in to see the status of the quilts we donated at a group to AAQI.  A group of them went to Houston and got sold!  Of the 28 quilts in that group, 24 were sold in Houston!

How exciting is that ?  The highest price for one was $77.99.  Congratulations to all who participated.  We had quilts hung in Houston, and we had quilts that SOLD in Houston!

Put THAT on your resume!  LOL.

glen:  my guild (the one that is so snooty, too) was totally impressed whrn someone said they saw one of my pieces in Houston.  And I said (with an uppity air) I had THREE pieces in Houston, and TWO sold!



Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

hehe! You are to funny! Keep making the AAQI quilts, they accept them all year long! You can have MORE selling too! ;-) big smiles!

Helen said...

Love it!!!

I must make another one now.