Monday, December 5, 2011

Serious stash swap partners

OK ladies!

The SERIOUS STASH SWAP PARTNERS have been sent out.

You can:
Email your partner and say HI!

You can say whether or not you like or dislike certain fabrics, 
But try to keep your options OPEN.
The idea is that you will get fabrics you don't buy yourself, 
so please don't include a laundry list of specifics... be open to receiving new and different fabrics.

You are to cut 20 fat quarters for your partner. They will also cut 20 fat quarters for you.

please mail them BY JANUARY 9th to your partner.

If you have large scraps of something you think they will like, please ask if they are OK with receiving BITS instead of one piece...  please communicate with each other... and  make this an even-steven swap!

GIVE NICE FABRICS!! This is NOT a place to get rid of all the fabrics you think are UGLY. 
Send things you'd like to receive!

Once you receive your fabrics, feel free to post the goods!  Have fun!


Shelly said...

I waited and waited, thinking someone else would comment first and save me from myself, but . . . if you still need that one person, I'd be willing to jump in.

Char said...

I must have been under a rock. I don't even remember a post about this. Looks like fun. Guess I'll wait for the next one.

Quilt Genius said...

Darn...I missed it!


janequiltsslowly said...

I must have been under the same rock! Sorry I missed this one.