Saturday, January 14, 2012

BOM meets Project Linus! Finished at Last..

Thank you Victoria for encouraging me to complete this quilt in time for the 16th BOM quilt deadline - I've really enjoyed the whole process. I combined my Hybrid T- Rose   BOM (x 2 plus a couple of mini ones)with some donated blocks for Project Linus to make a quilt for the project to be distributed locally in Derbyshire.
When I was wondering about how to put it all together you guys at 15 mins helped with tips and colour suggestions - so I added red and some navy - and its been a real joy to stitch as close up, these fabrics and colours are enough to make your heart sing!

I've quilted the rose in a 'liberated'spiral!
Backed with bubblegum pink fleece and finally a binding of a recycled navy and white dress fabric

Mostly I've quilted in the ditch, but on these leaves I've quilted with some horizontal stitching - plus I picked out the stars and quilted around them

Wonderful mixture of vintage and new fabrics - my favourit bit is on some text fabric that mentions Tea Roses - I LOVE IT!!

So again, thank you for the inspiration - sorry there wasn't more more BOM's within it ...but I'm recycling ...what can I say??!!

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Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Julie, It looks great! and it will be LOVED by who ever gets it! Well done! great "SPECIAL" finsih!

sheila 77 said...

Lovely quilt, Julie, with a beautifully balanced design.