Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wonky Log Cabin Style blocks

I have all these stupid really nice shirts that have been cut up for two, count them TWO, quilts already.  They are in boxes ready to go to retreat and get sewn together.  But I STILL have all these shirt pieces and the pile doesn't seem to be going down any bit.  Why doesn't my favorite $14 a yard material do that?

So yesterday I decided to test a few log cabin like blocks with the bits and pieces.  Nice.

I made more today.  Sixteen more in fact.  I do need two additional ones but I think i can do those tomorrow.
Too dark

Too light
I wanted to see what kind of background would look good.  So I got out several and made my choice.  I am thinking to set them wonky like, but I may work out some shadows.  I keep seeing the blocks in my head with shadows.  (I keep seeing the block in shadows in my head)  Hmmm.  Oh, In my head, I keep seeing the block with shadows....that's the correct grammar!  LOL.

I think I can work this out.

  This orangy yellow was perfect!
Just right

                      Does this look like a shadow to you?  I want it to look          
                                        like it is floating!



Kristi said...

I think it does look like a floating block (with the shadow underneath). I love the wonky log cabin blocks....great job!

antique quilter said...

press towards the block then and you won't get that.
I love that cheddar fabric , there is some in my closet!
perfect choice for the sashing

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

I like your shirt cabins, very nice combination of textures. The cheddar background really bring them out.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it looks exactly like a shadow...what a great idea.