Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tried again, paper pieced style

Jackie is here with me this weekend, and I asked her to go over my block as she is an excellent paper piecer.  I figured she would be the one to test my pattern and see what's up...  We took my exact pattern, made it into a paper pieced template, and made each unit.

When we finished each unit, we trimmed it to size. 
Then we joined each unit by pinning exactly at critical intersections:
EVEN when you traditional piece this block you must PIN at these points.

BOTTOM POINT. see arrows.
Stitch line. 
Press seam open, then join next unit and repeat the pinning process.

Once you have 4 units together, join the OTHER 4 and join your two halves,
matching at the critical points.  Press seams open.

 We tore the paper off, and laid it down and shot this picture...It lays flat... This has not been pressed.

Kathy mentioned, to cut two squares at 5 1/2" and cut once so the corners are not on the bias.

 I laid the corners on  overlapping the edges, and trimmed afterwards so they would be perfect.

 There she is... (It's a "she" of course) ;-)

And all the beauties playing nicely....

If you choose to try this method,

also above click tutorials... ;-)

PIN PIN PIN ! most important!

The paper piecing adds stability while piecing.

Although we did the paper piecing method,
we used the original template to draft the piecing, so both methods work.
Feel free to use the method you are most comfortable with,
but the first method I had shown you, realize it is BIAS piecing, which can be difficult.


pojo said...

I will be watching for the pdf file.
I love your blocks and the color selections you have chosen.

Barbara Arcement said...

I have resisted making this block knowing that I would never be able to get it to lay flat. Now that you are going to put a PDF file for us to use, I will have to give it a try. You continue to inspire me to attempt new things. I will post a photo when I make one!

Lisa said...

Oh that looks great! I'll be looking out for your PDF file too. I love to paper piece.

Kathy said...

Paper piecing is a good option for this block.
If you choose the traditional piecing method, BE SURE you pin where the seams are to intersect. That makes all the difference in getting the center triangles and the outside triangles to fit together. (I tried it again using the above suggestion. Will post my picture a bit later today).

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

As I posted, you must pin the sections, and the pattern is correct, either for traditional piecing or paper piecing... PIN your units... Trust me, it works.

antique quilter said...

ok now that you have a paper piecing template I am going to try this! love the block, Thanks and thanks to Jackie too
will be watching for the file :)


Miki Willa said...

I am determined to get this block right. I have made three now, but still have a long way to go to get it to lay flat in the middle. I think I haven't been giving enough respect to the bias. I will use the paper piecing pattern, but I also want to get the traditional method mastered.

Marlynne said...

Loved your beautiful and colorful triangle blocks!

Anonymous said...

Did you remove the paper. I've heard that you don't necessarily have to remove it because it becomes soft when washed. ♥♥♥