Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lilies Tutorial for Swap

Spring's a Bloomin'
 12.5" block

How to make your DIAMONDS:

NEED: 8 Diamonds = Four diamonds for each flower
(Any color fabrics you want your flowers to be)
 Cut a strip for your flower petals 1.5"  wide by about 10"long.

Mark off dots every 2". These are your guides for cutting your 45 degree angle cuts.
 Starting at your first dot, make a 45 degree angle to start.
 Cut another 45 degree angle every two inches until you have  8 diamonds.

Cut 2 - 3" squares of made fabric.
Cut 2 - 3" squares of made fabric and cut in half diagonally.  = 4 HST's ( half square triangles)
Cut one GREEN 3" square, cut in half diagonally. use each half for each flower.

Then watch video here:  How to on Y-seams and construction at bottom of tutorial page.
(Have a good laugh at my expense! You get some NYC Fire engines as a bonus sound!)

and lastly trim your lily blocks to  4".


Setting fabrics are cut from MADE FABRIC:

A = 1.75"H x 6W
B =   4"H x 2.5"W
C =  6.5"H x 5"W
D =  11.25"H x 1.5"W
E =   3.25"H x 6"W
F =  4"H x 2.5"W
G = 5"H x 5.25"W

H = 6.5"H x 1.25"W
I = 5"H x 1.25"W
J = 1.75"H x 12.5"W

Lay out for joining...

 Don't forget to add some leaves!


janequiltsslowly said...

I'm ready to go on this! Thanks for the tutorial!

antique quilter said...

thanks I may just have to make one for myself!
oh I love the stitching you did on the stems and leaves...

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thank you Lily teacher and leader! I can't wait to get started on this!

WesternWilson said...

Great tute, Victoria! I am hazy on drafting blocks for paper piecing but could this block also be done that way?

BTW, what is your sewing machine? Looked most interesting from the video!

mary e said...

that's a great tute!! now i know how you get sew much done....SPEED! :>)