Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lily Swap Partners sent

Lily Swap partners have been sent out. 
Yippeee! Let the Lilies begin to grow!

Be sure to send me a picture of your quilt in an email before you send to your partner.

The tutorial is listed, but please feel free to 
MAKE IT YOUR OWN.  It should incorporate the lily block and made fabric,
Learn your Y seams!
You can watch  my goofy tutorial video.
Bottom of tutorial page, click above.

That was a riot and a half to make... Six tries, 
once the phone rang,
two the dogs barked
One my daughter came  home yelling MOM!!!!
my last attempt, words got jumbled AND NYC Fire trucks went by!


It is what it is... AND you will still learn something!  (go figure!)

Besides that I took all my samples I made and made this little guy...

How cute is it??

Have fun with your swaps!  If you are not in the swap, please feel free to make it as well! 

Add you pictures to the 15minutes FLICKR group, Please,
 so we can all see what everyone is making!


sheila 77 said...

Great tutorial on the magic pivot thing. Thanks.

fiberchick said...

Super tutorial! Will definitely try your pivot technique...

Miki Willa said...

Love the tutorial. You sew really fast! No wonder you get twice as much made as I do. I go half that speed. Maybe someday, I, too, will be confident enough to sew at light speed. In the mean time, I will continue on working to conquer those little pivoty corners and create some tulips this weekend.

San-Dee said...

great tutorial, V, and my daughter loved the fire engines in the background. learning something new is always fun!

tisme said...

I got my partner! I love the tute, will make it so much easier.

Mego said...

Great tutorial but I am STILL all thumbs...or fingers or whatever. I've cut my fingernail, done 50 million y-seams and STILL...I think I can make a whole quilt of lilies...gotta go practice!

Mego said...

YES YES YES...I set my computer right next to the sewing machine and dotted and twisted and sewed and IT WORKED...I'm off to make TONS of them so I don't forget. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Isn't trying to make videos without background noise fun? I think that part is harder than remembering what I meant to say!