Thursday, April 5, 2012


Admittedly finding mauve in my stash was a challenge.
I moved last October and did a major "cleansing" so that I could fit in my new place.
I know I had the perfect mauve at that point, but alas,
it went to the thrift shop.  
This one looks more pink here than it really is.

But then I dug a little deeper. . . . 
If you can believe it, the one on the right is Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley!
I really bought mauve in the last year.  

So here's what I pulled out. 
I started with the Kaffe in the middle and then
pulled the others based on that.
In the past I would have definitely gone to a dusty blue
with a mauve, but here I relied on good 'ole Kaffe to show me the way.

What is it about mauve that makes us cringe?
For me, it reminds me of a particular person that made my life difficult.
Those times are long gone, and now I see mauve in a different light.

Of course, this is not your grandmother's mauve, so that makes a difference!
I'm going with the cobalt blue for my backgrounds for this challenge.
Can't wait to see what Victoria tortures us with next!  :)


Margaret said...

Love your pics & story! And I learned something: Look to Kaffe for guidance ... that never occurred to me!

Helen said...

Ah, such sweet torture it is. Your cobalt blue is the perfect backdrop for all those bright star points!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

HAHAHA! THERE IT IS! I knew you had some in there! LOL! You dumped your Color baggage! Glad to see you could work through the connotations attached to such a color... yes, stay tuned..I have more colors to TORTURE you with!

Miki Willa said...

I am happy to see you added some orange in your block. I have been playing with orange and mauve today, and I like the combination. Wonderful block.

sheila 77 said...

Cobalt blue and mauve - that's an exciting combination. I like your four pointed star. Kaffe once said to me (and a few hundred others) many years ago "you're safe with Kaffe", when he was saying his name rhymed with safe.

PatSloan said...

that is a mauvey centric center... in a new fabric no less... oi oi oi!

Carla said...

I'm enjoying your MAUVE journey.