Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here is the May block for the bee.

I have never written directions for a block and this was harder to do than I thought.  I hope everyone can understand my directions.

For my turn I would like to have some stars for a quilt top!

Here are the steps:  it is really very easy.   

You will need
-        (2) two pieces of  made fabric ( use a variety of bright colors)
 (1 piece at least 5.5” by 10.5”) and ( 1 piece at least 5.5” by 11.5”)


from this “made” fabric cut the following:

( 4) 2.5” by 6”
(4) 2.5” by 4”
(4) 2.5” by 11”

this picture shows 2 pieces of 11” by 2.5” but you need 4

You will also need:
a piece  of a bright solid colored fabric ( any solid color)  I used yellow!

Cut the bright solid fabric like this:
 -  (4) 4” squares
 -  (12) 2.5” squares
-          NOTE:( this  picture shows 8 but you will need 12 of the 2.5” by 2.5” squares)

To each of the 2.5” by 6” and the 2.5” by 4” pieces, you will add a 2.5” by 2.5” solid  square like this.
put right sides together and match up top ends, mark a diagonal line.  You will sew along this line and then trim off the excess.

Note that the squares are sewn on at different angles for the 6” and the 4” strips
If you sew them all the same direction, the pattern will not work!
Sew along the lines.

trim and press   

Please notice the direction of the yellow additions to each set of strips  of made fabric.

Attach the strips to the 4” squares like this…(1) 6” strip and (1)4”  are added to a 4” square and you will have (4) squares like this….
   sew these  squares like this to make a star


then attach the 11” strips like this:
Attach a 2 1/2 inch square of the bright solid fabric to each end of two of the 11 inch strips and sew them to the bottom and top of the square in the above photo.

This is the finished block!   


Bill Volckening said...

That's cool. I like the idea of using patchwork as fabric.

Chris said...

Looks like fun, Beebee - great tutorial! :)