Sunday, April 8, 2012

Irresistible Mauve

I have been watching the mauve color challenge... determined to stay out of it as I have plenty of other quilty things to do.  The siren call is irresistible.  Last night I needed a bit of strip therapy ( see Rayna Gillman's book, create your own freeform quilts).  Out came my mauve fabrics.  I did not buy any of these.  They came from the estate of club member whose stash was distributed among active quilters.  She clearly was busy quilting in the 80's.

I decided to cut a strip of each mauve and pair it with scraps (mostly Kaffe) I had pulled for another project.  It is amazing how well Kaffe works with odd colors. I put these together in a liberated log cabin fashion and bordered them with what seemed like era appropriate fabric.

Can't wait for the next challenge.  I'll be right there.  There is so much to learn from these projects.  Thanks, V.


PatSloan said...

you hit the mother lode of Mauve-ness... the center left may be the poster child of mauve! Fun to see what you did...

be sure to listen to my interview with Victoria today!

Carla said...

Resisting Mauve huh? Love your block.