Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ochre, my kingdom for some ochre . . .

I was lucky to find a piece of ochre in my stash from the
solid segments challenge.  THEN, I found a piece of ochre that my
friend Bambi Shapiro gave me the last time she was at my house.

I do love ochre, so I don't know why I have so little of it.
It is a great warm fall color.
I mixed in some green and purple, and then I grabbed a Kaffe
for the blue and that coral jumped right in there.

I would love to say I did this on purpose,
but my star is dancing by itself.

I have decided that I will use the same components for each block,
but move them around unexpectedly,
(or spontaneously!)

This color challenge is really fun!
It will be so great to see how all of these quilts come together.


janequiltsslowly said...

Dancing is cool & so are your blocks! I'm also looking forward to the finishes with this project.

janequiltsslowly said...
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Margaret said...

I think that you will create a whimsical quilt with this plan! Like how you're featuring the "color" in the center.

Helen said...

It looks like you are having fun! Love your dancing stars, choreographed or not.