Sunday, May 27, 2012

Finished the Rust Block

Here is the collage of my color challenge so far with the rust block added.  I think the mauve blocks need to be a little darker. Too close in value to the peach block.

Hate when this happens. --------- >
This is one of the fun challenges of working with "Made Fabric."  Glad I have a have a great set of tweezers to pull out the small corners.

Is it Wednesday yet?


Julianne said...

Here Here! IS it Wednesday YET??!!

Tracey said...

Like your rust block, Irene!! I'm not so sure that the mauve and peach are that similar. You'd have to post them side by side to get a better look. I do really like to way that your blocks work together.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

I need to get home so I can get Wednesday's post ready! :-)

Carol E. said...

I like your blocks as is... I'd say wait 'til you have them all done and then see if you think you need to switch out the mauve or peach. They might not bother you with all the blocks together.

Anonymous said...

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Ellie Q said...

I love how 3-D your blocks look!