Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rust is a rich red brown

I love this color.... reminds me of burnished copper or a rich warm dark maple syrup produced from the trees here in Wisconsin.  Once again, I had to visit the Quilt Shop because I didn't have any fabric other than a small square of print with rust and brown.  Went to the red/orange section and this was the one that immediately caught my eye... no decisions required.

I was looking at all my finished blocks and it seems as though most of my made fabric incorporates orange, yellow, turquoise, green and always some  purple in light, medium or dark values.  Might be that purple is my favorite color.  And when I thought of copper and how it ages, I saw verdigris and found some in a piece of batik in my collection.

This block also feels good, just like last week's comfortable Dusty Blue.  The backround color is actually a warm buttery yellow and it really works well with the rust.

I'm not sure how I'll finish the top or the direction of the points. I was thinking of making a border with half square triangles using the 12 weekly colors along with a solid.  This is where decisions, decisions begins.


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

I find that interesting that you've pulled consistent colors for most blocks! The patterns in you fabrics I also think, make this very interesting.

Barbara said...

My stash is almost 100% vivid prints. There are few neutrals or warm colors, no tone on tones or blenders. Not sure if it's a comfort zone issue or simply what I'm drawn to. Each week I've had to purchase the color for the project. This challenge has certainly opened my eyes to other options in fabric selection.

Tracey said...

Beautiful, Barbara!! I love the touches of purple too ... of course, it's one of my fav colors also :)

Ellie Q said...

I too like the lavender in contrast with the rust. Great background choice too!