Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Peachy Keen

I don't mind peach at all, 
so I was surprised I didn't have more of it in my stash.

This photo is dark, it is much peachier than this.
I decided to go with sherbet colors with the peach,
and then the dark brown just screamed to be included!

I am pleased with this color combo.
In the 80's I had a guest room that was all peach and aqua,
The Laura Ashley Palmetto collection.
I still love the combo, something so soothing.

So here is another wonky star.
I need to get on the neon yellow now. . . . 


Helen said...

Your peach makes my mouth water . Very sherbet-y next to that dark chocolate.

Willa said...

Very striking!! What fun! Very energetic!!