Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pretty Peachy

I had to go shopping to add peach to my stash:
I found this peach batik. I have to admit that this was harder than I thought it would be! I kept picking up pink pieces. The end of the bolt on this one said "peach" so I knew I was ok with it.
I added these fabrics to it. Thanks to the posts before mine, I added some blue.
The Riley Blake at the bottom was on the sale rack for $4 a yard! :)
Here is the made fabric:
and the block:
Here are all 4 finished together! Thanks Vi for this block pattern & setting.
Even though I had some anxiety about this one, it did turn into play and was fun. I really should have more peach in my pallet and I'm going to keep my eyes open for it when I need to add to the stash. I'm not sure that I'd make a whole quilt with it, but it's a good mixer. Also, my setting fabric takes all the yellow orange tones out of the peach, so it looks pink. I'm ok with it and I'm starting to really like this quilt in progress. The Velveeta was a stretch for me. As someone has said, by choosing this I turned this into a "double color challenge" for myself.
On to "screaming yellow"!!!


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

haha! Well, I did that yellow in the last BOM challenge! You'll have to play your fabrics to see how to quiet or deal with the yellow. ;-) Good luck! looks good, i love that BLUE int he peachy... That was my solution when working with my yellow blocks

Willa said...

So different from everyone else's. Great job! Just goes to show, there are so many wonderful possibilities!

The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

I am lovin' your blocks JaneB!

fiberchick said...

Love your background choice!